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Records of GRES-1

Administrator January 27, 2021

On December 27, 2021, the largest indicator of electricity generation since 1980 was recorded at Ekibastuz SDPP-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov LLP - the station generated 22.435 billion kWh of electricity. By the end of the year, it is planned to increase this figure to 22.7 billion kWh of electricity.

A similar result of 22.4 billion kWh was recorded in 1987 after the launch of all eight power units, and the staff of the country's largest power plant was able to repeat the 2021 record with only seven power units running simultaneously. This is a great merit of the power engineers of the Ekibastuz GRES-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov. The record output figure was largely achieved thanks to the efficient and well-coordinated work of the operating personnel, the effective implementation of the annual repair campaign and the consistent implementation of the investment program to restore capacities and modernize GRES-1 equipment.

Ekibastuz GRES-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov is the largest condensing power plant in Kazakhstan with an installed capacity of 4,000 MW and a disposable capacity of 3,500 MW.

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