The concept of sustainable development is to achieve the strategic goals of the organization without compromising its sustainability in the long term, taking into account the interests of stakeholders.

The concept of sustainable development combines three main aspects: economic, social and environmental, which are the basis of the triune concept of sustainable development. The economic component implies the optimal use of limited natural resources and the use of environmentally friendly environmental, energy, and material-saving technologies, including the extraction and processing of raw materials, the creation of environmentally friendly products, the minimization, processing and destruction of waste.

Sustainable development in the company is the widespread use of sustainable development aspects through the introduction of best practices in the field of production, environmental initiatives, labor safety and the social sphere to ensure sustainable economic growth in the regions of the company's presence, while maintaining an optimal balance between the interests of stakeholders and the strategic objectives of the company.


Resource Efficiency

Reduced environmental impact


Consumer Satisfaction

Industrial safety


Growth in long-term value

Increasing labor productivity

The Company, integrating the principles of sustainable development into its activities, is committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

On January 1, 2016, the world officially launched the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a blueprint for proactive transformation based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to address urgent global challenges over the next fifteen years.
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 Targets (SDGs) are aimed at realizing human rights for all, they are comprehensive and indivisible and ensure a balance of the three components of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. These goals and targets will drive action by national governments over the coming periods in areas of great importance to humanity and the planet. Of these, we have selected nine strategic priorities for the activities of the Group of the Fund, the achievement of which it will contribute in the course of its core activities. Objectives that contribute to the achievement of the rest of the UN Sustainable Development Goals are also integrated into ongoing activities.

E – Environment (attentive attitude to the environment).

S – Social (social responsibility).

G–Governance (responsible corporate governance).

The Partnership is aware of the importance of its influence on the economy, ecology and society and, striving for long-term value growth,

ensures its sustainable development in the long term, observing the balance of interests of stakeholders.

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