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Results and analysis of the effectiveness of the application of the information system "Safe production"

Ауелбаева Альмира July 14, 2023

Results and analysis of the effectiveness of the application of the information system "Safe production"


Ekibastuz GRES-1 LLP                                                                  Ekibastuz 23.06.2023         

The information system "Safe Production" was put into commercial operation from 01.06.2021 - these are 4 modules: "Defects and events", "LPAB", "Production control", "COVID-19 Statistics".

From 01.08.2022, the module "Training Control" was introduced (Order No. 811 of 29.07.2022) and from 21.11.2022 - the module "PPE Accounting" (Order No. 1274 of 24.11.2022).

By the end of this year, it is planned to introduce 2 more modules "Medical examinations" and "Tools".

At the same time, the mobile application of the information system functions, which allows you to use it even without access to the Internet.

During the entire period of operation, 1064 potentially dangerous events and 5424 defects were registered in the Defects and Events module (as of 06/23/2023).

363 potentially dangerous events were registered for the current calendar year. Of these, 341 events are closed, 22 events are on execution, there are no overdue events.


4127 audits were registered in the LPAB module for the entire period of operation.

For 5 months of the current calendar year, 744 audits were registered, during which 74 inconsistencies were revealed. Interviews with employees were conducted on all identified inconsistencies, the inconsistencies were eliminated.

The OT and TB Service conducts monthly analysis of the conducted leadership behavioral security audits, the results of which are published in the e-mail in the "Security" section. According to the results of the analysis, the fact of insufficient effectiveness of the conducted LPAB was established. Statistics for the last 3 months of the current year are as follows:

- for the month of May, 143 audits were conducted, 14 inconsistencies were identified,

- for April – 140 audits, 13 inconsistencies,

- for March 167 audits, 15 inconsistencies.

At the same time, for a number of structural divisions during the same period, not a single discrepancy was revealed, namely: in the structural divisions of RTO, Chemical shop, OMTR, motor transport shop, TAI shop, TSLMIS and Electric shop, 199 audits were conducted, according to the results of which no inconsistencies were revealed.

Upon the fact of the insufficient effectiveness of the LPAB conducted by the OT and TB service from 06/19/2023, an official note was sent to the heads of production departments about the need to strengthen explanatory work with subordinate personnel, to intensify training activities to improve the safety culture, in particular regarding the procedure for conducting leadership behavioral safety audits.


The module "Production Control" records the results of inspections carried out by the Management of PPBOTOS and the ONiBEO service. In total, for the entire period of operation, 1,725 inspections were registered in this module, during which 4,144 violations were detected (including by contractors).

In general, the detected and registered violations in the "Production Control" module are eliminated in a timely manner, however, to date, 3 violations identified in KTC-2 remain unresolved (the delay is 3 calendar days).

Also, the completion of the modules "Training Control" and "PPE accounting" continues.

Currently, an application has been sent to the developer of eCapital LLP for the adjustment of these modules in order to increase the convenience of their use. In addition, work is underway to integrate these modules and the entire information system with the 1C system of the enterprise for operational adjustment of the list of employees in case of relocation, as well as the addition of newly hired employees. This work continues.

The number of active users of the information system today is 708 people, which is 52.9% of the production staff of the station.

In order to increase the activity of using the "Safe Production" information system, as well as in accordance with paragraph 4 of the protocol decisions adopted following the meeting on the implementation and use of the "Safe Production" information system dated 07.07.2022, by order of the Chief of Staff of the General Director No. 1075 dated 30.09.2022, the regulations for monetary incentives for active users of the information system were approved "Safe production".

In addition, in accordance with the safety culture training regulations approved by the order of the Chief of Staff of the General Director No. 1120 dated 11.10.2022, all newly hired employees of production structural units are trained in safety culture, including the procedure for using the "Safe Production" information system.

A schedule has been developed and an order on the organization of training of employees of the enterprise on the procedure and rules for using the information system "Safe Production" for 2023 has been approved. The training was conducted in March 2023 for engineering and technical workers, and is also planned in the 4th quarter for workers in working professions.

In general, the use of the "Safe Production" information system has shown its effectiveness, however, further work is required to increase the number of active users and their training, as well as to improve usability.

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